Pressuse Vessel

Design by American Society of Mechanical Engineering ASME.

R&D Cold storage -25degree C

Excellent Refrigeration design, Clean and hygienic long-lasting, durable modern and beautiful.

AHU Stainless Full Welding

Air handling Unit stainless , Full welding Easy Cleaning and more Strength for a long time.

ICE water storage Tank for spin chiller.

Flake ice maker installation

Stainless Insulation fitting

Unit cooler drainage Double insulation in processing line.

Insulated Pipe and Insulation Panel For Freezer

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Package Compressor

Screw compressor for Tunnel freezer.

Spiral Insulation Duct and spiral piping

AIR BLAST Freezer door -40 degree C

valve pack ammonia

Shell and Tube Condencer

Electrical control panel board and mimic diagram.

Ammonia screw compressor from USA

Spot cooling air in cooking line

AHU PIR panel inside stainless For loading room.

Spiral cooling duct for food processing line

PIR insulation panel

Chute ice maker

Package freon

Safety valve relocated


Bare Coil

Blower Air install

Electrical control for reciprocating compressor

Machine room ammonia suction

Machine room ammonia auto suction plant